Monday, July 9, 2007

A New Day....
This week we are both working at Milton Hershey in the summer camp area. It has been quite fun so far... But being out in the 94O heat is not to fun... tomorrow we are going to Hershey Park for the water rides so that should help!

We had quite the busy weekend with hanging out with friends... checking out T.J. and Jenna's new place... and watching a couple of outdoor movies....

If you want to do a quality outdoor flick... use houswraping as a screen which you can get from Homedepot and an LCD projector and a few 2x4's and you are totally good to go.... a very fun and low cost night!

Some other low cost date nights we have had recently:
- taking a walk in small town's we have never been to
- go for ice cream (cheaper than a whole meal)
- meeting friends for picnics at parks or a winery- very inexpesive way to hang out somewhere nice!
- Fireworks... every town has them
- Fonduing with a group of friends...
- Reunions of old friends... they are the best!
Just some ideas... enjoy!

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