Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It has been way too long! This weekend we had our great friends Shannon and Alex Yoder come up from Harrisonburg VA to hang out with us. We had such a great time... the guys golfed and the girls of course shopped. They are a great couple and we wish they would move back to Pa. Maybe someday :)

This week has been VERY busy with getting ready for Jenna's shower and meeting about it. It should be a great time and very fun. Kent and I are still working at MHS summer camp aka YRE expierence as it is know on campus. I will work one more week and Kent is done after this week. Then it onto relaxation for me and back to school for Kent. This summer has flown by and now we are planning ahead to the fall! I will try to get some fun pics up sometime!

Enjoy summer while it is still here :)

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natnclay said...

My husband and I are interviewing to be full time houseparents at MHS. How do you like it?