Thursday, October 18, 2007

So obiviously it has been WAY TOO long since i have blogged. I have been really busy working and keeping up with life. Where to start... last weekend we were on duty. It was one of those weekends I just wanted to be at home watching football from my couch! Then this week is flying by in 7th grade reading. This weekend we are keeping it really chill! We are picking up one of our former students for lunch and a movie. She is a totall sweetie! So that will be a lot of fun. We are having a pierce family brunch for Dad's 50th bday. We are probly going to end up in Philly sometime... we can't get enough of the city and seeing my fam. So i believe that is all for now...

Some more fall ideas:
- Corn maizes- super fun and super cheap... took the boys on fri night
- Making Pumpkin Martini's.... saw the recipie today!
- Catching up with friends
- Watching football... local high school games are a great cheap date night!
- Local Food festivals... i feel like we have had a lot of these lately..

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