Friday, February 15, 2008

V-Day 2008

Happy Valentines Day... a little late. I was gone yesterday from 7am til 11pm we rolled back into the driveway. It was quite the eventful day... Let's see where do I start??

I went to work to only deal with kids that were way excited!
Then I flew out of work to head to the city of Brotherly Love for his grad class and some dinner...
I fought the traffic to get to Target and they wouldn't return my pants. I was rather pissed
Then fought the traffic to a favorite little spot call Niffty Fiffties for some shakes for us. THey are the best and they have about 60 different kinds. I can only get them in Philly.
Then I picked the hub back up from class and we headed to the KOP mall for dinner.
Cal. Pizza Kitchen so delious...
Then got locke in Bloomingdales while checking out purses.
All to drive home and fall asleep on the way home!

Quite a fun day and busy... Oh i forgot getting roses at school... super fun!

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