Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Busy... Busy... Busy... Busy... These are the words that have been describing our weekend and this week. We worked this week so that just makes me tired thinking about all of the laundry I did. Then we shuffled right into Labor day and two picinics. Then it was Tues.. K goes back to work and I go to the beach with mom-in-law and k's fam. It was a BEAUTIFUL beach day I wish I was still there. There was a gentle breeze and that warm salt air. Super nice. But it all had to end and we had to come back for an interview today. It was good... bad... so we shall see where it goes.

On another note.. please pray for K's cousin's fiance her father passed away last night in a tradgic accident. Their wedding is suppose to be next sat. I totally know how she is feeling and how much a blur this week will be...

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