Friday, September 19, 2008

WOW 2 Posts in one week

I know two posts in one week.. some of you will have to contain yourselves! Not much is going on here. Last night we had dinner with an MHS alum that is going to Eastern. Oh how I remember the days of going to class and hanging out with friends all night. She is having a little rough go of it, but who doesn't the first couple of weeks. That was fun to hang out and run into Whole Foods, which I wish there was one out here. I would probably end up spending way too much money then on groceries.

This weekend entails lots of fun! Tonight we are doing some separate things.. K is going to some sprint car races and I hanging out with the cuz! Then I am not sure about tomorrow... it looks way to nice to stay inside... I am thinking beach, but who knows what the hub will think! I am in need of a lot of fall things like clothes, decor, and fall foods. So that might make the weekend priority list. I guess I have to let go of the beach and summer to embrace the fall!

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