Monday, October 27, 2008

Falling Behind

Applesauce is a favorite thing to make with my sisters and I ... it is kind of a small rememberance of our mom! She used to make it every fall and it made our house smell sooo good. So now we pick a date and make a whole bunch to eat all year. This pic is from our annual night. Jenna and I made over 30 bags full. It is soo yummy.
Jenna looks oh so happy... but it all over at his point until next year. I had a blast hanging out with my sista. We have been very busy lately working and more working... sorry for the lack of posts!! I feel like I am already starting to fall behind even though the holiday's haven't even started yet!


CH said...

That's so fun! Do you freeze it?

The Mayo family said...

We make applesauce once in a while. It is so much work! Good for you for keeping up this tradition!