Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday... Monday....

I have a bad case of the Monday's... I just want to go home put my p.j.'s on and take a nap! I know that sounds like pure bliss right now, but I have plans for the Y and for dinner. Why do I have to be so darn social!

Anyhooo.. the weekend! We worked and that is not why I am feeling so tired. The boys were great... I just did not sleep that well. I normally have no problem with that! K actually calls me a narculep.. I am sure that is not spelled right... the disease where you sleep a lot! The weekend flew by. Not much happened because plenty of the little gentlemen were in trouble. So we pretty much chilled at home except when I took two to go and see Monsters vs. Aliens... that was pure torture! The kids were great the movie was awful!

So this week looks on. I have three more days of work until SPRING BREAK!!!! I can't wait.

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