Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Week....

This week is flying by with not much getting done around the homestead! I have been shopping, baking, going to grad class, and subbing. So sorry for the lack of posts. I also don't feel like I really have much to say this week. I am sure more will come with Easter quickly approaching.

Tonight the small group aka the crew is coming over for us to make sammys for the Love Feast tomorrow night at church. If you do not know what Love Feast is it a three fold communion with foot washing, communion, and dinner. I did not grow up with this tradition, but I have grown to LOVE it! K grew up with it a couple of times so it is not to foreign to him. So tonight will be busy.

Tomorrow I am hanging out with my bestie since fourth grade... we will have a blast and of course get in lots of trouble! I am also supposed to be gaining a new dew from her momma... so we will see how that turns out! I will post pics!

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