Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Review

I know the posts these days have been far and few between, partly because I was enjoying spring break and partly because I had a blog slump. You know we all have been there. Nothing really special going on just the norm! So here is a quick recap of what is going on in Central Pa:

Friday: We got up late and went to the gym. First time in almost a week! I know I was a total slacker this week and it felt great! In the evening we had dinner wtih our great friends Ryan and Erika... I took pics, but I think I left my camera at their place. I need to check on that.

Saturday: Another late sleep in becasue we know that this week coming up is going to be a crazy one. We then headed to Downingtown to see our old friends the Evans and Sianos... both of which we miss terribly! They are only an hour away, but sometimes that seems so far! In the evening we had some new friends from church over and we had a great dinner of grilled pizza.

Sunday: Church was really good this morning. My roomie from my single days before K came for lunch. She was in the area with her niece to see the Disney on Ice Show in Hershey.

Now I am waiting for hub to get back with laundry degerent and I am making my lists for this week.

Menu for the Week:
Mon: Leftovers!
Tues: Pasta with garlic and spinach sauce
Wed: Grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, and green beans
Thurs: Dinner at friends

I am excited for a routine for this week, but not the craziness of the next couple of weeks. I am ready for warmer weather!

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Cynthia said...

Evans & Scianos - I'm jealous! How's Ryan and Kent's book club going these days? ;)