Monday, July 27, 2009

Shore and Shannon's Shower

Sunday was a fun day of catching up with friends at Shannon's Baby shower! She and her hub Alex and expecting a little boy in Sept. so Regan and I decided to throw a shower. It was nice, but very hot!
On the heals of the shower we were coming home from the Shore. We went to Ocean City N.j. for the week and had a great time of chillin on the beach pictured above and eating lots of great food. I think if the hub could have he would have stayed another week!

Our friends Nate and Marcy came down to visit us on Friday and stayed over to bring K home on Saturday, but had another great day on the beach before they left. This is a picture of them on the ferris wheel that Marcy was scared to death to be on! She survived!
Our last night in Ocean City on the ferris wheel, which was fun! I love the shore and can't wait to go back!

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