Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School

Today is K's first day back to school after a super busy summer. I am missing him like crazy and I even got up to make his breakfast. Then, of course, I went back to bed for some more shut eye. I find it makes the day go faster if I don't get up until 10 something. So here's to another school year at the milt!

The pregnancy is going great so far! I was at the midwives office last Thursday and she said everything was great just keeping any eye on my blood pressure, but I have been getting some great reading here at home. I just need to relax! When I distract myself while I am taking it goes down. Why can't I just do that all the time! So before we know it the little one will be here!

This fall is shaping up to quite busy! I love the fall and now that K is back to school I am super ready for it.

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