Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A New Week

I have just spent the last couple of moments reading some wonderful blogs that inspire, challenge, and give me great ideas! I now feel encouraged to keep writing on my own blog. I do want to keep this more like a record of our life than anything else because my journal does not always get written in and I want to remember these times!

This week has been incredibly busy already this week! I subbed on Monday and then headed home for a crazy evening including making a meal for someone in small group, going to the Y, babysitting, and driving down to a friends house! Yesterday, was just glorious! I spent the entire day at the King of Prussia mall just wondering around enjoying shopping and lunch! I came home to very tired and to a husband who was feeling rested, but missed me! I missed him way too much also.

The hub has started back to his full routine! He is giving lessons private and to his school students, which has made for busy days for him. We seem to just be on opposite schedules these days, but the day will come when this little one comes and all will change!

Speaking of the little one, we had our 20 week ultrasound and everything measured and looked great! So we just need to wait 19 more weeks until we see him or her. I am feeling great and I can feel the baby move a ton! This kid is very active like its momma!

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