Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Smatterings

This week has been rather slow, but I feel like God is leading me through this time to prepare me for the days to come! I have been making myself busy around the house and planning upcoming events our lives! I have a quick recap from this last past weekend. We were planning on working and then the pig flu hit and I was banned from the student home. I was kind of bummed because Kent and I get to work together! So I missed the hub all weekend, but came up with some plans. One of those was a movie and dinner with the cuz on Sat. night

So we went out for Mexican and it was delish... then headed over the Tarjee... where we did a little shopping pictured above. Then onto the movie Amelia... which was okay, but the theater was soooo hot that I was dying so we left!

Sunday brings on a whole new day! I have wanted to go to Hobby Lobby ever since I have been reading all of these girls in NW Arkansas and they rave about it, but there was never one in Pa. I was talking to my future SIL the other day and she said they just opened one about 10 mins from her place, which is in Chambersburg a whole 1.30hr from me! So I figured since I have nothing going on I mind as well take the ride out there and we could go and get some good deals. This picture up above explains it all! They are closed on Suns. Which I am glad for, but at the same time I drove all this way and didn't get to go, but I did get to hang out with my future SIL and bro in law which was very fun! So I must make another trip down to Hobby Lobby and get some good deals! That is about wraps up the weekend and our week! Onto Treat night tonight at the Milt!!

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