Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 Months...

I can't believe my big boy is 5 month already! Here are some quick stats on him:
- He is about 17 lbs.
- Still sleeping like a champ 8pm-8:45am
- He is sucking his thumb and taking a paci sometimes
- He loves to be outside, with his Nana, hanging out at the student home with the boys or wherever there are people!
- He rolled over this month and is lurching his body forward when he is on his tummy
- He is starting to get a tooth!
- We started veggies last night and he has been eating cereal...
I thought he was so cute sleeping last night so I took this precious pic of him that I know will not last forever!
This was the reaction I got from Peas and Green Beans last night. I think he is saying "Daddy save me from these awful veggies!" Haha..

This is from this morning... he loves his giraffe... He is just starting to cuddle with things and I think this might be his fav. I know I love it and he is such a cutie and we love him tons!!!

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