Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This weekend was my BFF's wedding! We have been friends since 4th grade and our other friend joined us in 6th grade. That is a long time folks! Ignore the no make-up look on any of us...It was a fun weekend and so busy it just flew by!
Saturday flew by with a great birthday party and dinner out! Of course, I didn't take any pics and I should have!

Sunday, was our annual Brandt family picnic. Here is Maggie holding the Eman... when I joined the family she was a little tot and now she is going to be 10 this week! Elijah just loves playing with her!
We are just hanging out on the swing at Grandma and Grandpa's place waiting for lunch. E was so good even though the entire day messed up his sched!
These two little hams are going to be great friends even though they look scared to death right now! Stevie and Megan came over for a playdate or should we say a Mom date! We needed some adult convo... They were great and each took naps so we could really talk!

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