Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat

This weekend we had a lot of trick or treating time! Friday night we went out with Jill, Jon, and Eliana...
Here is a quick pic of the duck and the lion! So precious... I am sure this will be many more of these pics!

On Sunday, we trekked down to Jenna's for a little Media trick or treating... much better than Central Pa. Here are my boys all dressed up!

A little family of three pic... not for much longer!

My big boy's 11 month pic. I didn't do a whole post on 11 months, but he is still super happy, loving, content, and fun! He loves people, talking, and watching what is going on around him. He is super laid back like his papa and loves his mama! We love Elijah Anderson and we are so thankful God placed you in our family!

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