Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Chaotic Christmas with a special blessing....

So our Christmas did not go as planned! We always knew in the back of our minds that our little Hudson could arrive, but didn't think much of it. So Christmas Eve, we moved into my in-laws place due to a boil water advisory here in our town. Needless to say being 9 months prego and having a 1 year old that was not fun. So we thought to make it easier we would just go over there are hang out until Christmas Day when the advisory should be over! We hung out all day and E had a great time with his grandparents. We headed out to church after a scream fit by Ebuster and had a lovely time at church with my in-laws. I will post more pics from that later because they are on my mil's camera. After church, K was feeling horrible so bad that I had to drive super fast home from church in order for him to puke when we got home! Oh that was lovely... so I got Elijah ready for bed and put him down for the night. Around 11:30ish I started to feel crappy too... thinking I was also receiving the lovely Christmas Flu, I put my pj's on and got into bed. A few mins. later I puked and thought here we go.... Then, all of sudden I felt this little trickle down my leg. I thought I can't be peeing myself this must be my water breaking. I said to a very sick hub I think my water just broke. He was like what the heck I am sick and I feel like death! So he called the midwife and hopped into the shower to feel a little better. I of course the germ aphobia that I am got into the shower also... you know I like to be clean when I go into the hospital. At this point I was having no contractions and then all of sudden they started to come on. We left around 12ish and drove 45 mins to the hospital. By the time we had arrived at the hospital, I was ready for an epidural and some relief. I was 6-7 cm. by that point and I thought it was going to take forever. I then went into triage and they hooked me all up to iv's and monitors. Next step was the delievery room and by that point or should I say in a matter of 15 mins. I was at 9 cm. I just wanted to get this little person out at this point. So I started pushing and he was born at 2:04 am. Why do my kids like holidays and why do they like the middle of the night!!! K and I keep wondering this .
A quick shot right after delivery. K is wearing his gown and mask due to stomach flu and I had a mouth full of pretzels, due puking on the way down!!!
Everyone keeps calling this our Llbean pic... actually K's sweater is from there and is a Christmas present that he got early. The brothers at first glance. Elijah loves Hudson and Hudson is becoming fond of him... i guess that is the best way to explain it!
This is from Sunday and I am feeling much better! Christmas Day was a little rough, but thankful Hudson is such a good baby!
Thank you for all of the congratulations, texts, and calls. We are all doing great even though Hudson is starting his little life off with a little cold...

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