Friday, January 21, 2011


Since we have had Hudson we have been in a constant state of transition. Transition in how K and I relate to each other, how we relate to E, and how our little family exists every day! I haven't really had time to think about how that has effected me. I have been pretty numb to what has all happened. As a friend put it to me the other day I am surviving and as humans, we are made to survive. I think it is time I start to process what has happened in our lives in the last month.

As I sit at the computer this morning, everyone is asleep including Hudson at my feet and it is time for me to slow down and just enjoy my new babe. We have been so busy getting everyone on a schedule and keeping schedules that we have not taken time to just enjoy. I am constantly reminding myself how thankful I am that God blessed us with two children after so many years of want. Yes, it is kind of embarrassing to say how close together my kids, but I then need to gently remind myself of how much God has blessed us.

This time of transition is a time of reinventing myself. I am now a mom of two... WOW... this is crazy. I had always pictured myself in this fashion, but it is crazy when it actually happens...

Transition teach us a lot. I am learning how to lean on Christ in a new way and how to love in a new way.

Simply put we are all changing and I am enjoying this change for once!

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