Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I can't find my camera and all of my pics are on my phone so this will be a no picture post. Friday night started off with a fun evening of family and pizza. The cousins love to be together and they even played in our little pool because it is so stink hot here.

Saturday, was a super busy day! We were out of the house by 8:45 am to go plant some tomatoes and cucumbers at K's grandparents. Then off to the grocery store, baths, and naps for the children. We finished up with Stevie's 1st birthday day soiree! Elijah had a fabulous time and we loved chatting with some new and old friends.

Sunday, we started bright and early again... off to church and then we all crashed!!

Monday, off to the Hershey Memorial Day parade. Elijah loved the fire trucks and the tractors. Hudson was super chill through the entire thing and might even been in the newspapers!
We feel like it was a great weekend and had a lot of great family time!

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