Monday, August 22, 2011


I have no pics because I have been a little lazy lately. But I do have tons to write about. Summer is flying by and we are in the process of wrapping up all of our end of Summer fun. We are headed to Hershey Park one more time and we need to hit up the pool sometime soon. This lovely weather is a much needed change from the rain and gloom.

I have started my new job as the Director of Kids Ministries at Manheim Brethern in Christ Church. So far it is going super smoothly! I just keep praying Lord you know what I can handle! Overall, we have been blessed with a great new church home and a very smooth transition.

The boys are hanging out! They are loving all the time my new job has provided with their Nana and Pappy. Ebuster wakes up every morning asking for Pappy. Hudson has four teeth and is almost crawling. Were does time go? I keep forgetting that Hudson just isn't a newborn anymore and he is really almost a toddler.

Kent started school and is having a great year so far. He is happy to be back to a routine and the normal sched.

Well its time for a little homemade peach pie and summer to end slowly!

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