Sunday, January 8, 2012


With the move this year has started off and run away with out me. I finally had time to process things a little bit tomorrow. I am not a super huge writer, but I strive to document our lives here in this little piece of the internet.

This past year has flown by. I am now the mom of two toddlers. No babes right now! I am really enjoying where we are at right now. Some days feel like they have gone on forever since our now 2 year old has taken the tantrum stage to a whole new level. I am enjoying being a mom, but I would really like to grow in this area in 2012.

I feel like some days I lack mental depth. So for my goal this year is to be more present and read more. I know a couple of years ago I tried to read a New York Times bestseller, but that was a little overwhelming so I am just going to strive to read more. That is all... just read more.

Just a few things I am going to strive to do on 2012!

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