Saturday, October 27, 2012

Twins Birth Story..

I always enjoy reflecting on my birth experiences after they have gone by and I have time to sit process.  So today is that day! I know that I have a quite the readership that LOVES to read my birth stories as and some of you are just blog stalkers! Ha.  What I am I saying I do the same thing. 

Wednesday started out like no other.  Boys up from their bed and jumping into my bed with me.  The sitter of the day showed up around 8:30 and I proceeded to hang out in bed.  At this point, I was not having any contractions.  I was told to lay low over the weekend to ensure having the correct dr. on call when I was suppose to deliver.  The day proceeded with hanging out in bed, boys running around downstairs, and I continuing to think about the pain I was going to endure that evening.

Around 3:30 my mil arrived to take over the homestead and the boys proceeded to take horrible naps.  I secretly believe they were super excited to meet their new sibs.  K arrived home around 3:40 and off we headed to the drs.  I got to my appointment and I had a total peace, which I believe is from everyone praying.  The dr. had a great conversation with Kent and I about a few concerns with the actual delivery.  I felt super at peace and completely confident that this was going to be smooth even though baby b was breech. 

So I headed to triage and was back into a l and d room by 5:30.  I was all set up and ready to go by 6:15ish.  Around 6:30ish my water was broke and we were racing along.  My contractions started to get really strong and moving from front to back.  I was advised to get an epidural due to B being breech, but I was told it was my decision.  I was thinking I can tough this out... Yeah right! I ordered that puppy right up.  So this is where things get a little interesting.  I ask the nurses to check me before I got the epidural and I was at a 6.  So then the contractions got really strong.  I was starting to freak out at this point in time.  Around 7:15ish the anthologist finally came down.  I signed all of the papers and told him to get moving.  He was your typical older Lancaster county gentleman.  Super relaxed and chill.  So needless to say he was moving at his own pace.  As he started to put the wash on my back I was like I have to push.  The nurses were like hold on and I was like I can't.  I rolled onto the bed and two pushes later Kelvie Ruth was born.  They put her right on my stomach and she hung out with me for a while, which I have never experienced with any of my other kids.  My dr. was not even in the room.  He did come flying in after she arrived to deliver baby b.  So I just laid there for a few minuets not believing I had a girl.  I was felt like a moment in time just froze and I was trying to grasp that I had a daughter. 

Getting baby B out was a little different story.  They ordered an ultrasound tech to come and try to track down how she was coming down.  My contractions took a break and then started again to bring baby b down.  My dr. kept feeling around to see how she was coming down.  I finally was begging to push due to being on my back and having horrible contractions.  I due much better when I can walk around to try deal with the pain.  So I just started to push.  I pushed really hard for three pushes and she was partly out.  Then I was told to wait and then a little push to finish getting her totally out.  Brinton Elizabeth was out.  She came out butt first and she was super black and blue.  Overall, perfect!

Afterwards, I felt great.  A little worn, but overall great.  Super blessed that God gave us two little girls to raise to love him with all of their hearts.  I am very excited to start this parenting journey of parenting girls. 

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Carolyn Byers Ruch said...

Super excited for you! Enjoy every moment. Can't wait to meet everyone this Spring.