Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Season of Thanks...

I know tons of people have been doing 30 day count downs for things they are thankful for and everyone is looking at Thanksgiving as the forgotten holiday, but we need to remember to be thankful for big and small.  This month has brought a whole new meaning of thankfulness.  When we learned we were having the twins, it brought about all kinds of feelings.  Shocked, scared, excitement, and "how the heck am I going to handle this!" type of feelings.  Slowly, God showed me how I was going to handle this and He reminded me of His faithfulness.  So from the very beginning of their little lives I knew God was in control. 

These last two weeks God has shown me his love, care, faithfulness, and how to fully trust in Him.  I was a super scared mom last Sunday night when this all started and I just cried out to God please let her body heal.  Slowly, Brinton's body has started to heal.  All docs still do not know what cause any of this and they have reassured us that she will fully recover.  Currently, she does still have a little bit of facial drooping and she will come home with a feeding tube.  The feeding tube should be removed in a coupe of weeks.  Her arms are moving, but not totally back to normal.  We will just continue to pray that she will totally recover fully! She will need some physical therapy when she comes home, but that is a normal occurrence at our house!

I do have one other item of prayer for all of you who are reading my blog! Another young couple that we knew of through some mutual friends had a sweet little babe who is struggling and is in the NICU at Hershey Med. Please pray for sweet little Sage and her fantastic parents who have a lot of unknowns at this point, but I know that God can totally heal Sage just like Brinton!!!

So much to be thankful for!!! Happy Thanksgiving from the Pierce's

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