Friday, May 10, 2013

The Boys...

 The boys need a little air time too!! This kid continues to crack me up and be naughty all at the same time.
 Hudson is very into wearing hats all the time! This hat is sized at 12 months and he continues to wear it!
 Elijah has taken a liking to taking as many pictures as he can on my phone.  This is one of many self portraits.  He is REALLY growing up and way TOOO fast.  His last day of pre-school is in the next couple of weeks.
We took the boys to see Super Why and they LOVED it.  It was a fun family memory to make.

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Kat said...

Super Why? Is it in the theater?? Yeah right your boys are naughty. They must have learned that the day the Hertzler boys came over:/