Sunday, January 6, 2008

Flooring part 1

This weekend we started on our flooring project, which has turned into a HUGE project. Last week we went to Lumber Liquidators thinking we were getting a great deal and awesome hardwood floors. We get a call on Sat. saying they couldn't get the floor into their store until next Fri. It has to sit in your house a couple of days before we lay it. We were orignally planning on laying this weekend and they because of the sitting time we had to lay next weekend. SO needless to say when they called Kent was rather mad that it wasn't going to be at the store until next fri. So yesterday as I am shopping at King of Prussia i get a called from a very pissed off husband... which made me go and get some new flooring at a store in KoP... Which now it all working out and we are laying on sat. so our house is one hot mess this week! enjoy pics!

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