Friday, January 4, 2008


Today I have been reading a lot of different blogs of people who are inspiring me to write a list of resolutions for 2008. I am going to post these on my fridge so hopefully when i am cooking something it will remind of how much I really want to do these things.

Resolutions 2008
- Put lipstick on each day (makes you look so much better during the winter)
- Go to NYC four times this year
- Eat a different resturant every other week ( i stole that from someone else)
- Get my real estate licensce
- Finish our basement
- To get fit by exercise 3x's a week and eating more healtfully
-Blog 2x's a week. so check it out for more updates
- Go to Ireland
- Start my own business
-Read a NY times bestseller each month
- Watch less t.v.
I think that is it for now... if i come up with more i will post them!

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