Saturday, March 29, 2008

End of Mar.

Sorry for the delay in posts. These last couple of weeks have been VERY fun, tiring, exciting, and long :)

We started our spring break adventure Mar.15th... it was quite the adventure. It all started with driving to Va for a wedding of my dear friend Kathleen. It was fun and I will post pics later. I am currently posting from the student home and so I am not able to put up pics. After going to the wedding we drove 3.5 hrs. to Baltimore to stay at a hotel to fly out to Chicago the next morn. We arrived in Chicago and drove to Iowa to see K's cousins Jenny and Chris and their cute baby Trent. That was a blast... we had Chineese food and talked for hours. Thanks for the great time guys. Trent is also a fun little baby that of course loved Kent... what kid doesn't! Then we drove to Ne to see Todd. He has a nice place, but I don't think I am moving anytime soon . Not enough shopping in a close area. Finally, we headed back to Chicago for some fun and shopping. We had a blast shopping at eating at some fabulous places. We loved the Chicago Pizza and Grinder Co. and The Grand Lux cafe.... we need to get one of those in Philly. Then it was.. sigh.. home to Lebanon for Easter.

Easter started out with a great day of worship at church. It was also sooo very different for us because of not having my mom there. We did however get together with the entire Mang fam, which was fabulous to be together after not being all together in years. Good time had by all....

Back to work... Life picked right back up again. Kent finished his National Boards this week and delievered a HUGE presentation in his grad school class... WAY TO GO HONEY!! He worked really hard! I am glad it is all in. Hopefully he passed his national boards... he won't find out until Nov. so don't ask :) I will post pics later of all our travels. I have to run we are working this weekend and the boys are calling!

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