Wednesday, December 3, 2008

THe Christmas Tree Adventure

So the adventure begins with dinner at this great new spot to us called the Franklin Tavern. Super yummy for Lebanon area.! Then we venture off to this Christmas Tree place that our friend Jeese knew about... see pic below he is in the background! Basically it was someones backyard and you just go inside their entry way to their house and the pictures up above show what we found. A sign telling us to pay our money then leave it in the bucket... but the kicker is the poster to the left that was hanging on the wall right by the bucket. I am like only here in Lebanon Co. could any of this happen. A bucket to put your money in and a sign telling us about homeland security!! Crazy with a capital C!

So then we pic out the perfect tree. We take a couple of quick pics of us... see above! Cut the tree and head back to the car in the dark of course! K put our high beams on so we could see what we were doing in the first place. Then we get up to the drive way and K is cutting a branch off the bottom and cuts his finger and it starts to bleed all over. We have no paper towels or band aids. Thankfully, the lady who lived in the house got home from where else, but bible study and gave us some band aids. But then K realized he hadn't had a tenus shot in a while so we dropped him off at the ER for a tenus and I set the tree up with my friend Kel. So all in all it was an eventful night, but turned out okay. I will post pics of the decorated tree later because with all of that excitement we didn't get it decorated last night!

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