Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little of this and a little of that

I have officially fallen off the face of the earth... just kidding. Last week came and went and I didn't take one picture, write one post, and even think about my blog. I am becoming such a bad blogger. But this week I promise that I will be back on the blogging horse even with some pictures.

We had a wonderful turkey day. In fact we even had three turkey dinners and one family get together. So needless to say we were busy morning noon and night. Thursday night was not complete without some midnight shopping at the Philly premium outlets. Of course that was a blast and got some great deals, but was also a little disappointed. I should have taken some pictures of the line of cars trying to get into this place at 2am! It was quite the site. Let's just say it was about 3 miles long. I was very thankful that we started shopping at 11pm and ended @ 3:40am at Wal-mart. At wal-mart there were people waiting until 5am for t.v.'s.... I found this to be a little crazy, but to each his own. We ended the weekend with just hanging out and having dinner with T and girlfriend M, which was a delightfully time. K and I also took in Australia. Great flick highly recommend, but is long so plan for a great bucket of popcorn.

Tonight's adventures include hunting down the great Christmas Tree and I am sure some hot cocoa. I promise I will post pics and tell a little bit about our adventures because it always is when we go for a tree. Remember last year and getting our tree at Lowe's... I will leave you with that thought!

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