Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last weekend and this week

It has been forever since I have updated! I appologize to all loyal readers. I have been kind of less busy this week, which has been a nice treat. This last past weekend we went to Williamsburg, Va. It was a very relaxing! I of course went to the spa and it was very enjoyable. Not as enjoyable as the Hershey Spa b/c this one only hands out healthly food... I missed my wonderful hot cocoa. But overall it was very relaxing!
We ate at wonderful French bistro on our last night there. It was awesome. We got to enjoy some other great food options that were a nice break from the limited number of resturants near our home. K and I enjoyed time away and just to hang out. We don't get much time with just the two of us!
This week is our final week of work or should I say teaching. K is very excited for a break b/c he hasn't had one since Labor Day weekend. Next week will be filled with Camp Turkey with our MHS students who aren't going home. It is always a lot of fun to have kids in smaller numbers and be more relaxed. This week will hopefully, fly by and I will have lots to update with!

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