Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So 2009 is here and I have been thinking. I know that is a scary thought and all, but it is true. I was reading a high school friends blog of how her and her husband went entire year with out buying one item they didn't need. They coupled that with no vacations, no gift giving, and no spending. It was very inspiring to me. I was thinking that I should seek out sometime doing the same. I presented this idea to the man of the house and he was not very excited about to say the least. I am still processing through this idea and what it might involved into at our house. The man of the house thought maybe it should be a lent thing... I was like lets just try it from here on out. There could be a few exceptions, but they would be very limited. Tell me your thoughts on setting aside a time to not purchase anything to live more simply. Would you do it... is it just about saving money or is it really about learning to live with less?

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The Mayo family said...

Great idea! I know that I tend to shop to fill something...if I'm feeling down, bad about myself, bored, and on and on . It would really make me look at myself and why I am buying all these un-neeeded items. And save a lot of money in the end! Maybe I'll think about it also! Good luck convincing the hubby of yours!