Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan 09'

So my attempt to living more with less has not gone so well with the hub! He was lets just say he was a little less that thrilled with the idea. My hub is a wonderful, caring, supportive person and continues to deal with me in all areas of life, but he does not like to live frugely! So this thought was not a totally pleaser to his ears. I have made some firm commitments. One is I will not initiate going out for dinner unless he does so or we have friends invite us out. Second, I will attempt to only buy clothes with I need to or I have an event that requires a new outfit. So far so good. I have become more self aware of what my typical spending habits are how I can improve them.

Another attempt is to trying keeping up with a couple of blogs that show money saving ideas. Don't get me wrong folks I am not talking about living in my house all the time and never doing anything... I am just saying being more aware!

Not much else is going on here at the homestead. Just winter and more cold. We are heading to the Pa farm show on wed. night with our small group, which should be a great time! I am sure I will have pictures from that. Also, we are working this weekend, which will be good to see the boys. We haven't seen them since before Christmas break and they will be excited to tell us all about their Christmas Break.

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