Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday.... Monday....

I think I have a case of the Monday's.... We had a wonderful weekend with our 11 little men or should we say people who think they are men! They were really well behaved this weekend and were a lot of fun. These weekends always keep up on our toes and leave us very tired.

K had a huge performance in front of the entire school this morning in honor of MLK Jr. I am sure they did great! He was a little nervous this morn. I do have to say he looked smooth as he was racing out the door in his cuff link shirt and blue pinstriped suit. There is something to say about a man who goes off to work in a suit!

I have kept with my no buying policy! I actually took two loads of clothes to two different consignment stores on Fri. I am hoping for a good return. I took a little trip to the Gap outlet after running to the consignment store and did even buy anything. I am so proud of my self for this new found freedom! Soon I will need to upgrade the wardrobe because of the recent 20 lb. weight loss! So things are starting to get too big! I am looking forward to this weekend hopefully getting some skiing in with hub who has never done this before!

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