Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thurs... is kind of my Fri...

I have figured out that I need to start posting more regularly on the my blog, to become more reader friendly. I have been reading lots of blogs here in my time at work and wonder what I could start to keep my blog fresh and more interesting. So I am asking you my audience please leave me some comments to give me ideas. A couple I have come up with is Hot Topic Thurs. or questions people leave for me. Give me your ideas, thoughts and comments.

On another note this week has flown by! My thursdays are always my fridays from my part-time job teaching computer in Harrisburg. So I always look forward to Thursday afternoons. Once and while I still sub on Fridays at Milton Hershey just to keep my face around. Tonight K has his first doctoral class. He pretty excited and only the Lord knows what is in store for him. That is one area that I am constantly thinking about is what is God's plan for us next year. I will have to keep trusting in Him for his directions. I have lots of household things to get done tonight becasue of subbing tomorrow and a SUPER busy weekend ahead of us. I will try to post some pics of this evening chores/cooking!!

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