Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Middle of a Crazy Week

I am thankful today is Wednesday, but on the other hand i am not. I am not ready for this weekend at all! I still have to purchase shoes, wrap, clothes for Sunday, undergarments, and something new for K. I feel like I am running out of control in a quick hurry. On another note, we split up my mom's jewelry on Monday night and it went rather well. I received her pearls, watch, some smaller necklaces, and earrings. My dad brought along some old pictures of my mom from her childhood and I was shocked at how much I looked like her! I always thought I looked like my dad, but I think I was a little off! This night was filled with many emotions, but I seemed to be at peace with it all. God just gave me a sense of love and peace, which only comes from him!

This weekend is going to be hard, but I know with God all of it will be easier! K has been awesome this week getting stuff accomplished around out house. He had off on Monday and totally enjoyed his day and today he was done at 10:30am so he is returning my blackberry because it keeps shutting down. Hopefully, he gets me a new one!

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