Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up and Crazy week ahead

This weekend was very relaxing and fun. We worked at MHS, but only have two students all weekend. So we got to give them extra special attention including playing wii, renting movies, and going out for pizza. Sunday we got to spend sometime getting to know some new friends, which was a blast!

This week is starting to look a little crazy with a capital C! Today, I have to race down to my sisters to have dinner and split up my mom's jewelry! It is going to be a hard one. I will update on tomorrow how it goes. Tuesday work then class and somewhere in there a blood test! Wednesday is work and small group. Thursday is work and dying of the sil's hair!! Always a good time. I have the power to make her hair all kinds of shades... just kidding. Jill if you read this I would never do that! Friday come with weight watchers weigh in, hair and nail appt., and dinner with old friends! So pretty crazy! Saturday is the big wedding of my dad... so that comes along with all kinds of feelings... So needless to say I am looking for a vacation!

On a brighter note K had off from school today and got hang out around the house and get a few things done! What would I do with out him!!!!

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