Friday, February 13, 2009


I just love Friday's! Part of the reason is I have off and just get to be around my house and work! That for me is fun. I enjoy all of the normal housework chores. I am blessed that my wonderful husband cleans our bathrooms every week spotless! He is the best and he does a better job than I do. My agenda today includes:

1. Taking a nice long nap
2. Doing about 6 loads of laundry
3. Dusting and swiffering
4. Updating our ipods
5. Journaling and spending time with God
6. Packing for the weekend
7. Maybe getting some scrapbooking done

I know this is ambitious list, but I enjoy doing this. Do any of you enjoy just being at home and working on stuff around your house. I feel a sense of joy and fulfillment. Partly it is because I can just be in my own world and work. No one is watching what I am doing or telling me I am doing it wrong. It is simply fun!

On another note K got me great little note pads with my name on them for vday! I LOVE them. I got him some new music and a couple of his favorite magazines. We had a great night last night!

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