Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Works for Me Wednesdays

I deiced to put one more post up here today. I am taking this off of I really need to get directions on how to put a link in with just one work. I know it should be really simple, but I just can't figure it out... so if you visit here today leave me a note and tell me how to get this done!! As you can see I am a new blogger!

So my greatest tips!
1. Let the hub talk when he is ready and don't push it! I can remind my hub that I need to hear what is going on, but let him talk on his terms.
2. The more respect you give your husband the more he feels loved!
3. When baking choc. chip cookies mix the wet ingredients for at least 3mins. and fold in the flour.. it will make all the difference!


Rona's Home Page said...

Great idea!

Kim said...

For linking - type the words you want to be visible - like Works For me Wednesday. Then highlight those words (pull you mouse over them until they are all selected), now on the top of the blogger text editor, there is a little icon that looks like links of a chain- click it and paste the URL (web address) into it and click OK.

The selected text is now underlined, meaning it is hyperlinked.

Make sense? Hope so. If that is not what you were asking, I apologize :)