Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. That I have been safe driving to work every day this school year. It was extremely foggy here this morning and I know that it is dangerous driving 50 plus miles one way to school with tons of trucks on the road. Thank you LORD!

2. I am thankful that I am starting to feel content about what is going to happen next year with job situations. I got offered a letter that I was going to be invited back to my job and I am at peace with whatever goes on with K's job.

3. We had small group last night and I am thankful that we all still have jobs. Everyone is employed as much as they want to be and the one guy's employer is hiring because they have so much work! Such a blessing to be in an area where we all have jobs.

Don't forget about today's giveaway... Leave comments and I will someone early tomorrow morning! I will hopefully try to remember to post a picture tonight!! But who can't resist chocolate!!

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Meredith said...

Lauren - Hola! I just stopped by randomly, as always, and wanted to tell you I love reading your blog! It always makes me happy and everytime i visit it makes me determined to start my own...(still working on that! ha!) :-) I think i should try to do 'thankful thursdays' in my own life - what a marvelous idea! Somedays I am not thankful enough and it is truly something i should work on... thanks for reminding me of that. Just this week we had a 2nd round of layoffs at work and both matt (my fiance) and i survived and have strong positions, so i feel you and totally echo your posting!
I hope you have a great night - thanks again for making me smile. Meredith