Thursday, May 7, 2009


I wrote this post yesterday and then erased because of the topic for Works for Me Wednesday. So here is what I remember bringing and thinking...

Journaling is something I never used to be into, but through recent events in my life I was able to slow down and just sit and reflect. I was never able to do this before. For any of your who know me in real life I am a crazy busy person. I do not have much free-time and I kind of like it that way, but that also forces me to work on carving out time to journal. When I journal and spend time with God my day goes so much better and smoother. Sometime I feel the need for it and then don't make the time, but why do I have such resistance? Why do we sacrifice such precious time to reflect when it makes us all so much healthier people. I need to work on spending more time in my journal on a regular basis and if you don't journal yet hang in there.
Here are few tips for getting started:

1. Find a great journal that you love. This was my first step I found a great one at Anthropology and it was pretty cheap!

2. Find a time to sit and be quiet. This is the hardest for me! I am never quiet and when I am God reveals so much to me!

3. Start slow! I thought I had to journal all the time and found out that if I use it effectively one a week it works best for me!

Here in Pa we are promised some sun today and we will see if that happens!!

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