Tuesday, September 8, 2009

22 weeks and counting

Today officially marks 22 weeks of the bun! I am starting to be overwhelmed with feelings. I am excited most days and then sometimes I feel like our whole lives are going to change, which completely freaks me out! I am excited to see what this little person is going to be boy or girl and what personality traits they will have. I am excited to be a mom and raise a this little person to love God, be confident, love friends and family. So I am looking forward to the days that are coming and how many more there are before the baby comes!

Fall is starting to set in here. It has been a welcome change except my allergies are starting to go a little crazy! I am enjoying the cooler weather and all of our fall traditions! It should be a blast. The start of fall means we are that much closer to the baby coming, which is also exciting! K painted the nursery this weekend, but my camera is still MIA so I can not take any pics. As soon as it returns I will take some pics!

Enjoy this fall day!

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Jenna said...

My allergies are going nuts too! But I love the fall! Take lots of belly pics - I wish I had taken more!