Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I haven't blogged lately about the pregnancy and after reading two blogs in the last couple of days about people announcing their "news". I thought to myself I need to update all of you blog readers on what is going on inside of my belly!

The baby is moving a lot and they say it slows down, but not my kid! It just keeps moving and poking. I love it and it reminds me everyday to be thankful that I feel all this going on inside of me. That is baby is doing well and we will get to see the little one next week at our appt. I have to say I have been very blessed to have such a wonderful pregnancy and it has really gone so smoothly! I have about seven to eight weeks left depending on how long they are going to let me go due to my slightly high blood pressure. It is only high when i go into the drs. office, but I am really trying to work on that! So this week will be a true test and I am going to try some new things on relaxing myself. I cannot wait to see what our little bun will be either girl or boy. I am enjoying every minute of this and can't wait to meet our little person!

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