Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend flew by! Friday night we spend the first part of the night at friends house just chatting and catching up! Then it was off to the Pa Rent Faire to see their presentation of Edgar Allen Poe. It was very interesting and super cool how they portrayed the different characters from that time period. The fee was very well worth how long it was and it was something different.

Saturday we deiced to sell our PSU tickets and trade them for a day at home. We got a lot done and accomplished. We also got to have over K's sis and bro in law... which was fun to catch up with them with out the whole fam around! K has also put up all of our Christmas Decor... he is so proud that he has it all up!

Sunday came with a whole new set of ideas! We had birthing class ALL day. It was rough to sit all day and listen to this lady talk. All I wanted to say to some people in it was shut your mouth and just listen. I survived and hub learned some new information, I however feel like it was nothing new. After class, we got to have dinner with Susie my roomie from my before K days. It was so fun to catch up and hear about each others lives.

So it was s super busy weekend, but really fun all at the same time!

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