Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Long Awaited Birthstory

Elijah was quite the surprise saying he was 5.5 weeks early. I had none of the normal signs that I was in labor. I will start there, but this will all come together as I continue.

Around three in the afternoon we went out to purchase our Christmas tree. We hiked around a small field trying to find the perfect tree. I started to have some back pain at this point, but not that much and was thinking I am 8 months prego so it should hurt a little. We came home and got the tree inside to find that it didn't fit right in the stand. We were planning on having Thanksgiving with the Pierce fam on Saturday so we figured we would get a saw then to remedy the problem. So our Christmas Tree sat on the foye floor with all of the rugs rolled up and needles everywhere!

So around 5ish we left for Costco, Target, Old Navy, and some dinner. We walked around Costco and Target for about two hours. By the end my back was hurting a little worse, but I was thinking I am 8 mos. prego and it should be a little sore. By the time we got to dinner I was feeling like I was getting the flu and ask K to feel my head. I ate a chopped salad that night even though they made me sick my entire pregnancy. Keep this in mind for later in the story. At this point we were about 45 mins from home. So we headed out from dinner back to our place with my cousin. When we got home I said to K can you please rub my back it really hurts. So he rubbed and was like you have two huge knots in it. He rubbed them out and I laid on the couch to watch some Christmas movies.

Around 11ish my cousin left and I took a bath. Still not feeling well after the bath I took a shower and in between I packed a few clothes just to check it off the baby list of things to do. After my shower I hopped into bed for the night or so what I thought was the night!! I woke up about 20 mins later and was like I need to get back into the shower my back hurts to bad to stay laying here. Which is totally unlike me because I can always lay down and just chillax. So I hop into the shower and K comes in to the bathroom to check on me. He says we should call the midwife and I said okay at this point. So she calls back and asks a few questions. She directed me to go to the hospital and get checked out. At this point it is 12:45 and the pain is radiating down my back and around the front and down my hips. I have also thrown up my lovely chopped salad, but I just thought I was sick from being prego. So we make a normal 40 min. drive to the hospital in about 25 mins. I stayed very calm though out the drive.

Once we arrive around 1:15 they check me and say I am 10 centimeters with a bulging bag. After two nurses check me. They rush me into Labor and Delivery room and tell me that I am going to have this baby in 20-25 mins. The nurses told my midwife not to come as she wasn't going to make it so one of the drs. in the practice was closer so he came back. He was AWESOME and I was so glad he was there. They broke my bag at 1:45 and he was born at 3:05. My back felt like it was going to fall off around 2:45 and I just begged for pain meds, but no such luck. At that point I knew I just need to push this baby out! So that is what I did.

When he came out he was pink, screaming, and peeing all over! I even got to hold him before he went into the NICU. Now is he 5llbs. 11 oz. and is just growing like a weed!! Thanks for all of your calls, concerns, prayers, and thoughts they have all been greatly appreciated. I know now for next time to be closer to the hospital and be ready for a quick delivery!


mrscassel said...

Thank you. I feel better now. =) Glad you all are doing well. Bet you didn't think you'd have a baby around this Christmas?!

Jessica S. said...

Holy cow girl!!! There was no question that I was in labor with either of my kids. I can't believe you were 10 centimeters. By the time I reached 5 cm with both kids, there was no way I was walking around or doing anything other than asking for pain meds.