Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Pics of Elijah

Here are bunch of random pics of Eli... This one I took last night before Nana and Pappy came over the babysit! They had their first time of watching him and he did great.
Last Sunday our friends Nate and Marcy came over to visit and meet Elijah. They came to the hospital, but were unable to hold at the time. Elijah loved their visit!

This is just one of him sleeping in his lamb seat, which we have grown to love! We put it all over the house and just hang out with him!
Elijah got his picture taken with Santa on Thursday night. We were able to take him to a student home for free and was so wide awake. It was adorable. He just looked at Santa and laid there! I am sure next year will be a totally different story!

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