Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Great Shred

So i said i would updated everyone who reads this blog on the great shred of 2010... so here is where we stand! I have 56 llbs to loose. I of course am not going to reveal how much i weight.. because that is just not fair!! So I will keep this updated each week as to how much I loose and were I am at.
Of course I will post a pic of the little man for the grandparents! He is just lovely and really makes me want to have another! He currently is sitting my arms after his bath just relaxing, which is what he does most of the day. He is super sweet and just hangs out. Elijah definitely has his daddy's disposition!!

I know he looks a little ticked off in this pic, but he was just pooping!! Have a very chilly day as it is freeze your butt off cold here in PA!


Cynthia said...

Have you tried Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred? It's nice for when we can't get out of the house. Kicking my butt!

Josh and Heather said...

Oh, think I'll have to look into the Jillian MIchaels program! Lauren, I too, have a good bit to lose! Just can't get this baby weight off! Thanks for taking us along on your journey! I look forward to hearing of your progress. Hopefully I'm successful too! It's so hard :( Stay warm! Hugs to Elijah!