Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend was pretty busy for us! I feel like now my days and weeks are not busy with going places, but with spending time with this little man! Friday we dropped him off at Nanna and Pappy's for us to quickly run to Target and Old Navy. For all you moms out there Old Navy is having a fabulous sale right now. We got 7 outfits for $29.00! It was great. Thanks Nanna and Pappy for watching him.
I took this picture Friday morning to see how much he has grown. He has almost outgrown his NB pj's. He is getting so big so fast! Saturday we pretty much spent the daytime sleeping or organizing/cleaning our house! It looks great now. I will post some pics tomorrow about the organized nursery. Then we had a great date night to church and to see It's Complicated. Great flick totally recommend it! A local church here has church on Saturday nights so we got to go to church for the first time since he was born. They told us no church until spring :(
This picture is from today. K thought he could grab a pic with Elijah cuddling his lamb. He is starting to cuddle things and almost roll over. This kid is going to be on the move very soon. I think he is a little like his mama that way! Now we are just enjoying our Sunday night, but I am sad to have the hub go back to work. But this week is filled with playdates, lunches, and maybe even some shopping! I will update tomorrow with details on the Great Shred 2010!

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