Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I have so many thoughts running through my head these days and some of them have put me into a thought filled process. I of course had to add a picture of these two cuties all decked out in their Penn State gear. Of course, they won yesterday and it was fun to have Eli watch his first Penn State Game.

Onto my resolutions for this year. I know in past years I have put all kinds of resolutions up on my blog and thought oh this will help. One year I even posted them on my fridge and that didn't do a darn thing. So this year they are going to be simple and obtainable.

2010 Goals:
- To lose 50lbs. I have lost of my prego weight just by having the little man, but those stinkin Christmas cookies might have did me in! So Mon. starts the great shred and hitting the Y three to four times a week

- To spend more time in the Word and journaling. This is something that I haven't been real involved with lately and it needs to become more present in my life. I feel myself becoming more distant from even my present thoughts.

- Be a better wife and mother. I know I am new at the mother piece, but the wifey piece is not new. I need to work on being more patient, kind, and less critical.

I think this is all and should be enough to keep me busy on my journey. Please leave comments on what your plan is or what your striving to this new year!

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