Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years

New Year's Eve was a little different than we had originally planned this year! With the addition of Elijah we had a pretty chill night at home with a couple of friends who you will see below. We had a bunch of snacks and played some wii, which of course is always a blast!
Our little family and Elijah's first New Years. Nana if you are reading this don't think we let him stay up all night or that we are drinking alcohol.. just sparkling cider and we put him to bed and brought him down right before midnight! It was a fun night, but I am super wipe today!

Our friend Jimmy and Sherry... they brought the best Wii games and some awesome pretzels
Nate and Marcy are celebrating their first New Years together! Such a sweet couple. They brought an awesome almond tart that was outstanding!
What did you do on New Years??? I feel like next year it will be out to eat and early to bed for us. I am feeling pretty crappy today the day after even though we didn't engorge ourselves.

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